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Quick Clarifications: I was not at WonderCon. These are a collection of spoilers from tweets from the following people: @SarahMaines @tvequals @danielletbd & @LeNoirAuteur   . I simply gathered them up for my reference and anyone interested. Please remember as well that in a rush to get quotes & new info out fast, some things can be taken out of context, so be sure to read articles and even after that take everything with a grain of salt.

Also included below are links to any interviews or videos posted so far. I’m sure most are already seeing these, but ICYMI. Also, I will be updating this as more interviews/videos come out in the next couple days. It will only reference info from WonderCon but if you need an easy reference point, this will be one.

Tyler Posey video interview TVEquals

Dylan O’Brien video interview TVEquals

Sound on Sight Article

KSiteTV Article (I’m going to add a tiny thought here. Most of KSite’s tweets from the panel were overly teasing at best and malicious trolling at worst. Read at your leisure but I don’t get the feeling that they understand the show or the fans at all, let alone the reasonings behind any ships.)

Jeff Davis Interview TVEquals

PS: Just saw verified by tweet but not directly quoted that Stiles uses a bat in 3.10. FANON VICTORY. (What? I have needs. Next up the naming of Sheriff Stilinski).

3/31 12pm (MST) Update: 

Panel Pictures TVGoodness

Tyler Posey Interview Synergistic 

Jeff Davis Interview Synergistic

(The next two are linked to specific tumblr posts. I think I got them linked to the original poster but if not send me a heads up and I’ll correct it.)

WonderCon Panel

Season 3 Clip

Tiffany ( was at WonderCon and took some fabulous photos so I recommend popping over to her blog. 

Collider Panel Recap

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